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An independent asset manager founded with the aim of delivering top level and risk-controlled performance in the new economic and financial paradigm.

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Governance structure

Management & Governance

Yassine Bouhara

Yassine Bouhara
Chairman, Tell Group

  • Mr. Bouhara previously served as CEO Global Emerging Markets, Co-Head of Securities, Group Managing Director, and Co-Head of Global Equities at UBS, and was a member of the firm’s Investment Bank Executive Committee Member. Prior to that, he held numerous positions at Deutsche Bank, including Global Head of Structuring, Head of Global Markets EMEA, Global Head of Equities, and was a member of the Deutsche Bank Group Executive Committee. 

    Mr. Bouhara graduated with a Master’s Degree in Economics from HEC Geneva in Switzerland. 

Noreddine Sebti

Noreddine Sebti
Chairman, Tell AG

  • Mr. Sebti previously held various positions at Deutsche Bank, including Head of Global Market Equity Asia, Global Head of Equity Trading, and Global Head of Equity Derivatives Trading. Before this, he co-founded a market making firm called Transoption, which was ranked third in Europe and was sold to Dresdner Bank in 1997.

    Mr. Sebti graduated with a Master’s Degree in Economics from HEC Geneva in Switzerland.

Wicky Meyer

Wicky Meyer
CEO, Tell AG

  • Previously, Mr. Meyer held numerous roles at Tell AG (formerly Swiss Hedge Capital AG). Prior to this, he worked at Citibank International Wealth Management and at Deutsche Bank Zurich.

    Mr. Meyer graduated with an MBA from the University of Bedfordshire in the UK.

Sethu Palaniappan

Sethu Palaniappan
CFO, Tell Group

  • Mr. Palaniappan was previously Partner at kalpa LLC, and Managing Director and Joint COO of Global Equities of UBS, as well as Managing Director and COO of Global Equities at Deutsche Bank. He has also co-authored a book entitled “Modelling Investments in the World Copper Sector” while working at the World Bank.

    Mr. Palaniappan graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from Caltech, and a Master’s Degree in Business from MIT.

Geert bossuyt

Geert Bossuyt
CEO, Tell Capital Sarl

  • Mr. Bossuyt previously served as Executive Chairman at Khalij Islamic, CEO at Dar Al Istithmar, and MD and Global Head of Islamic Business at Deutsche Bank. A leading expert in the fields of Islamic Finance and Emerging Market Structuring, Mr. Bossuyt speaks regularly at conferences on some of the industry’s most complex subject matters. 

    Mr. Bossuyt graduated with Master’s Degrees in Actuary and Quantitative Financial Engineering from the University of Leuven, and a Master’s Degree in Accounting and Finance from the School of Public and Business Administration, Brussels.

Portfolio Management

Andreas Zehnder

Andreas Zehnder

  • Previously, Andreas acted as Head of Deutsche Bank’s Swiss Equity Trading, where he was responsible for proprietary and execution trading as well as risk. He also has worked as a Trader at Credit Suisse and Julius Baer in Zurich.

    Andreas graduated with a Degree in Banking from the Swiss Banking Commercial School.

Patrick Burger

Patrick Burger
Deputy CIO / Investor Relations

  • Previously, Patrick was Head of Swiss Equity Trading at Deutsche Bank in Zurich, where he was a Proprietary Trader. He was also a Trader in Swiss Equities and Derivatives at UBS. Prior to this, he was a Stock Trader at Sal. Oppenheim Zurich, and a Trading Assistant at SBC Warburg.

    Patrick has a Floor Trader Certification and a SOFFEX Certification from the Swiss Stock Exchange.

Pedro Cameron

Pedro Cameron
Portfolio Manager

  • Previously, Pedro worked as a Sell-Side Equity Trader at MF Global in London. Before this, he was an Investment Dealer at Société Générale on his home island of Guernsey.

    Pedro graduated with a BA Politics (First Class) from the University of the West of England, and with a Master’s Degree in International Relations (Distinction) from the University of Bristol.

David Haynal

David Haynal
Portfolio Manager

  • Previously, David managed a U.S. GARP equity portfolio at Banque Baring Brothers Sturdza in Geneva with emphasis on secular growth companies. Prior to this, he worked as Investment Analyst for a deep-value fund focused on illiquid asset structures at HBK in Geneva. David started his career in Equity Derivatives at UBS in Zurich.  

    David holds degrees in Business Administration and in Economics from the University of St. Gallen where he was a St. Gallen Symposium student. David is also a CFA charter holder.



Pascal Costantini

  • Head of the CROCI Research at Deutsche Bank, published author of “Cash Return on Capital Invested”, Founder of ValuAnalysis and a specialist in Residual Income models applied to investment strategies.

Diarmid Ogilvy

  • Worked with P. Costantini as a founding member of the Deutsche Bank CROCI team between 1995-98. After completing his MBA at INSEAD, ran the investment portfolios of a significant multi-family office focused solely on alternative investment strategies. The last 8 years have been spent in private equity.

Joakim Darras

  • Head of Equity Structuring at X-Markets, Deutsche Bank. Prior to that, specialized in building equity investment solutions for institutional clients out of investment banks in London and Brussels. Co-founded in 2009 a successful boutique in the field of investment advisory and risk reduction.


Investor Relations

Alberic de Coulange

Albéric de Coulange
Tell Capital Ltd.

  • Previously, Alberic served as Head of Trading and Relationship Management for the European-based activist fund, Knight Vinke. Before this, he was Head of Global Markets at Deutsche Bank Zurich, as well as Board Member of the firm’s Investment Banking Division.